Friday, August 23, 2013

Fink: Agricultural and Natural Sciences Should Be Included as STEM in Immigration Bill

Wendy Fink
APLU's Associate Director for Food, Agriculture and Natural Resources Wendy Fink pens op-ed on  Why STEM in the Immigration Bill Should Matter to Agriculture.

In the article published on Farm Journal, Fink says immigration reform is one of the few federal legislative areas where there's hope for bipartisan compromise but key improvements are needed to include agriculture, food and natural sciences as STEM in the Senate and House versions of the bills.  
The Senate Gang of Eight bill and efforts in the House could lead to the immigration reform our nation desperately needs, and APLU supports these efforts. While we continue to work with the Hill in advancing immigration reform, we will also continue to make the case for the inclusion of agricultural and natural resources sciences as part of STEM. We encourage you to reach out to members of Congress and ask for an adjustment to the language to fix this issue. 

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