Thursday, June 27, 2013

Inside APLU: What Immigration Reform Means for Higher Education

Craig Lindwarm, Assistant Director for International Issues in the Office of Congressional and Governmental Affairs, discusses the status of the Senate immigration bill and the effects it could have on higher education in this Inside APLU video. The Senate approved the measure 68 to 32. The bill now moves to the House where its fate is uncertain. 

Lindwarm said to The
Chronicle of Higher Education the "real game changer in the bill for universities is in the green-card section, where advanced-degree graduates for STEM fields have green cards stapled to their diplomas."

Meanwhile APLU released a statement calling the bill an "
important step forward for higher education institutions, which stand to benefit greatly from provisions that will allow a new generation of immigrants, international students, and professors to fill classrooms and laboratories."

The statement goes on to say
the "House has a responsibility to seize this rare moment of bipartisanship in the Senate and carry this immigration reform effort forward.  We will remain vigorously involved with this effort.”